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  • Sensi-Thin® and Lovetm condoms for enhanced sensitivity
  • Intense Sensation® dotted condoms for additional simulation
  • Mutual Climax® condoms to help you and your partner get closer

Scrabbling around for a condom will be a thing of the past with our Durex Condoms Pleasure mix. All you need to choose is what you’re in the mood for: stimulation, closeness or extra sensitivity.

This attractively designed, yet discreet box contains four different types of condoms in colour coded drawers:

  • 9x Sensi-Thin® condoms
  • 9x Intense Sensation® dotted condoms
  • 9x Lovetm condoms
  • 9x Mutual climax® condoms


Remember no method of contraception works 100% against pregnancy, HIV or sexually transmitted infections. It’s good to be in the know, so read the info inside, especially if you are using condoms for anal or oral sex

  • All condom varieties are natural rubber latex
  • Easy-to-store box fits in your bedside table or wherever you might want to put it
  • Colour-coded foils help you decide which condom you want in the moment