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SOOTHE the itch of eczema!

Cetaphil Baby Eczema Calming Moisturizer is formulated with 1% colloidal oats to help retain the skin’s moisture barrier and alleviate redness, itching, dryness and irritation. It is clinically proven to protect against symptoms associated with eczema and atopic dermatitis while replenishing the skin’s natural oils. The combination of skin nourishing moisturizers and botanicals helps to soothe and soften baby’s delicate skin.

NPN 80088658

For best results, cleanse skin with Cetaphil® Baby Calming Wash, pat dry and apply moisturizer to damp skin to lock in moisture.

  • Absorbs quickly & non-greasy
  • Relieves symptoms associated with eczema and atopic dermatitis
  • Filaggrin technology to restore skin’s moisture
  • Ceramides to replenish skin’s natural oil
  • Soothing botanicals to help relieve dry, itchy skin
  • Paraben, Steroid and Fragrance-Free
  • Clinically proven formulation
  • Recognized by the Eczema Society of Canada
  • Suitable for infants and Kids
  • Hypoallergenic