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Benefits of our conditioner for fine frizzy hair.
Some conditioners help fight frizz with thick moisturizers and oils that can weigh down your hair. For fine hair, these kinds of conditioners can make your hair look flat and look greasy. Our new Weightless Wonder formula is designed to pack a frizz-fighting punch while leaving your hair light and airy.

The Weightless Wonder Collection. Our most lightweight formulas, tailored to transform frizzy, fine hair to soft smooth styles. Weightlessly nourishes and detangles. Infused with hydrating aloe water.

What it is
A conditioner that helps eliminate frizz in fine hair without weighing down your locks.

What it does
Our Weightless Wonder conditioner is infused with aloe water. The latest addition to our Frizz Ease line provides hydration while helping to control frizz.

Who’s it for
This formula is ideal for thin and fine frizzy hair. It is most effective when combined with Frizz Ease Weightless Wonder Shampoo and Styling Crème.