Medication Reviews

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At Jasper mettra Pharmacy, our pharmacists love to empower our patients. We want to see you walk away with confidence in your medications and know that your health conditions are being treated appropriately. 
Our pharmacist will sit down in our private and confidential consultation room to discuss your health. We review your prescription medications, non-prescription (OTC) medications, natural health products, supplements, vitamins, medical conditions, and lifestyle information. This gives us a better understanding of you as a whole.
In the consultation, we will also discuss how you take your medications, any potential side effects, recommended treatment targets, and answer any questions you may have. We also can discuss recent blood work you have had completed. 
Medication reviews result in increased communication between patients, pharmacists, and other health care providers involved in your care. 
Research has shown that by having a medication review, patients are less likely to have a medication related problem. 
We recommend a medication review for EVERYONE! This becomes especially important if you have a new diagnosis of a chronic illness, changes to your medication doses, or are experiencing side effects from your medications. 
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