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Relieve your baby's teething naturally with Kids 0-9 Teething unit-doses

Effectively and naturally fight the symptoms of your baby's dental flare ups.
The teething stage is a painful period of dental flare ups for children and for you. Homeocan can help naturally without side effects.

This is a convenient format of unit-doses will comfort you in helping give the correct dose to your child and convenient way to carry in your bag for that just in case moment when you need it. 

All parents observe the following symptoms during the 3 to 15 month period:
- pain
- red and swollen gums
- diarrhea
- red buttocks and cheeks
- anger, agitation and irritability

Format: 20 single doses of 1 ml each

We advise you to take these remedies in addition to traditional medical treatment. Homeopathy cannot replace a treatment prescribed by a professional.