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Organic rooibos tea and cinnamon are a powerhouse combination. According to aromatherapy principles, cinnamon enhances your ability to concentrate. Plus it has a clean and refreshing taste your breath will thank you for. And rooibos is super hydrating and bursting with vitamins and minerals. Your new favourite caffeine-free chai also contains sweet apple. Delicious.

What makes it great

  • Cinnamon is an even better breath-freshener than mint!
  • Cinnamon is great for concentration… making this an excellent caffeine-free option for a late night movie or cram sesh.
  • Craving a chai before bedtime? One sip is all it takes to satisfy your craving.
  • Loved by REAL HOMES for the cozy factor: “No matter if I'm cold, tired, or just in need of some TLC, this cinnamon tea is a staple in my kitchen.”