Biomedic Brand of Products


Jasper mettra Pharmacy is proud to provide the biomedic generic brand of over-the-counter products to our community. Look for this brand on-line and in-store for a great quality product at a great value price!


  • What is a generic product? A generic product is one that has the same active ingredient as it's counterpart brand name product. A generic product will work the same and provide the same clinical benefit as the brand name.
  • Are the ingredients the same as the brand name equivalent? A generic product will have the same active ingredient as it's brand name equivalent. However, other differences in the tablet fillers, colouring, flavours, etc. may exist. These differences do not affect the safety, performance or effectiveness of the active ingredient.
  • Why do these products cost less? Generic products generally have significant cost savings when compared to their brand name equivalents. This is because the active ingredient is no longer patented which allows for competition on producing this drug product. Competition between generic brands leads to lower consumer costs. 
  • Are generic products inferior to brand name products? No! They are equivalent by Health Canada standards in terms of dosage, safety, effectiveness, strength, stability, quality, administration route, and absorption. 
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