Pharmacy Services

Your Pharmacy Team is Here for Life. 
We offer a variety of one-on-one services to meet your individualized health needs. We know that a healthy-living plan is only valuable if it fits your values, your lifestyle, and your goals. We want you to know that we are here for you. 

Pharmacy services include: 

- Medication Reviews: Our pharmacists will go through your prescriptions, vitamins, supplements, herbal supplements, lifestyle information, and medical conditions to assess your overall health. We look at you holistically to help determine your values, goals, and overall management. We can make recommendations and offer solutions to fit you. Learn More.
- Personalized Travel Consults: Let us determine what health information you need before you journey internationally. We review this information with you, and together make a plan for vaccinations, travel medications, and health-related items you should carry with you on your travels. Our pharmacists are trained to complete this assessment, prescribe medications, administer vaccinations, and provide you with records of everything completed. Learn More. 
Vaccine Administration: All of our pharmacists are injection certified and have prescribing ability (APA). This means that we are a one-stop shop for your vaccination needs. We also can administer medications by injection for things like Vitamin B12, Testosterone, and Invega Sustenna (among others). Learn More. 
- Prescribing: Our pharmacists have Additional Prescribing Authority (APA) which means that in certain scenarios, the pharmacist may be able to adapt a prescription you were given by another prescriber, renew an existing prescription that you have, or initiate a new medication treatment. Each scenario is different, and pharmacists use their professional discretion as to whether it is appropriate to do this or not. Have more questions? Learn More. 
- Blister Packaging: Our pharmacy team has solutions to enhance the simplicity of your medication regimen. Contact Us to learn how we can help you. 
- Delivery: Can't make it into the pharmacy to pick up your product or your prescription? No problem! We deliver daily within town limits. Learn More.