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CALMO® Eye Spray addresses one of the root causes of dry eye. The liposomes in CALMO® Eye Spray consist of lipids very similar to those which occur in your own tear film. The lipid layer protects the tears from evaporation and prevents tears from running over the lid margin. A lack of these lipids results in an increased evaporation of tears. Once sprayed upon the closed eyes, the lipids contained in CALMO® Eye Spray mix with lipids produced by the Meibomian glands at the lid margin. Upon opening the eye, this optimized lipid mix gets spread onto the tear film and thus stabilizes it. The lipid layer of the tear film is very thin, so already a small amount of CALMO® Eye Spray is sufficient to repair and stabilize that lipid layer. After only a few minutes the unpleasant sensations like burning, itching and the sometimes gritty sensation (like sand in your eyes) disappear. With every subsequent blink, the tear film on the eye surface will once more be supplied with this mix of physiological lipids and liposomes contained in CALMO® Eye Spray and thus be stabilized. The effect of 1 - 2 sprays will work for approximately 4 hours.