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Improve your bath safety, reduce falls, and remain healthy with the Carex White Bathtub Rail. The tub safety rail is ideal for use on fiberglass tubs and features a wide contact area to help disperse weight evenly. This Bathtub Rail fits most bathtubs and easily attaches with a mounting clamp.

  • Wide contact area for even weight distribution. The bathroom safety rail's 7" wide grip evenly distributes the user's weight for stable help getting out of the bathtub. It allows for a firm and sturdy grip for safe entrance in and exit from the tub.
  • Prevents bathroom accidents. Bathrooms are the most dangerous room in any house. Bathtub safety handles offer a source of support to avoid losing balance and slipping.
  • Supports up to 200 lbs. The bathtub safety rail offers a solid support surface for those with weak balance or strength.
  • Features a modern & attractive white color. The bath assist device's white color blends in nicely with most fiberglass tubs. The bathroom equipment is an attractive yet functional fixture in any bathroom.
  • Attaches easily with mounting clamp. The bathtub safety bar's mounting clamp easily attaches to tubs with flat top walls 2.5" to 5" wide. The bathroom handrail extends up to 14" above the tub wall for a convenient source of support.