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  • Provides the doctor recommended 10000 LUX. 10000 LUX is the amount of LUX needed to be effective. The 10000 LUX light box offers this level at just 10" sitting distance.
  • 99.3% UV-filtered for safety. The winter blues light effectively and safely filters out harmful UV to protect the users' vision.
  • Lightweight and portable. At just 3.25 lbs, this SAD lamp is perfect for anyone on the go. The compact and light size makes it suitable to be used in the office and tight spaces.
  • Used LED bulbs for a glare-free and flicker-free experience. The seasonal depression lamp helps diffuse the light to eliminate glare and evenly distribute it. The high-efficiency LEDs reduce flickers that fluorescent lights typically have.
  • Helps combat the winter blues. SAD light therapy is proven treatment to help those that struggle during the fall and winter months. It mimics the sun to replace any lack of sun exposure.
  • Comes with a five-year warranty. The seasonal affective disorder lamp is covered under our five-year warranty. If the natural light lamp becomes defective, we'll replace it or give you your money back.