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The Comfort Plus Commode was designed to make the customers’ experience with the commode as efficient and comfortable as possible. We took our 40+ years of experience in design and redesigned our commode from the ground up. These are some of the improvements:

    • A curved, more comfortable seat that is 20% larger* than other non-bariatric homecare commodes on the market.

    • Thanks to the flexible frame design the Comfort Plus Commode can be used as a toilet frame, with a pail (included) or bed pan.

    • Other ergonomic, user-friendly improvements include:

        • Pail and bedpan insertion and removal from the top or the back gives you more flexibility for set up and clean-up.

        • Grab tabs on the seat and cover so hands stay further away from waste when opening and closing the commode.

      • A built in splash guard reduces the pieces required for assembly, use and cleaning when the commode is used as a toilet frame

    • The Comfort Plus Commode was designed as part of the Zorbi bag system this makes clean up, hygiene easy. Using the Zorbi bags with the commode also helps control odor reduce the spread of germs

    • Moulded armerests

    • Ultra Ergonomic Seat (20% larger)

    • Built-in splash guard

    • Multi Access for Pail and Bedpan*

    • 350 lb (158.7 Kg) Weight Capacity

    • Tool-free Setup

    • Zorbi™ System Compatible

  • Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning

*20% larger than most other homecare commodes




Weight 6 kg
Clearance Min 7.8" - Max 13.7" (Front side)
Min 20 cm – Max 35 cm (Front side)
Seat to floor height 16.1" - 22.2"
41 cm - 56.5 cm
Overall height Min 25.2" - Max 31.3" (armrest is on the highest position)
Min 64 cm – Max 79.5 cm (armrest is on the highest position)
Seat to Arm Height 8.6"
22 cm
Seat depth 16.5"
42 cm
Overall depth Min 21" - Max 21.4"
Min 53.5 cm - Max 54.5 cm
Seat width 14.7"
37.5 cm
Overall width Front: Min 26.2" - Max 26.8"
Back: Min 24.4" - Max 24.8"
Front: Min 66.5 cm - Max 68 cm
Back: Min 62 cm - Max 63 cm
Width between arms 18.9"
48 cm
Weight capacity 350 lb
158 kg