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Hugo Rolling Walker with Seat is adjustable and ergonomic for comfortable support that let's you stay active and independent.

Freedom and mobility.

Staying active is important, but if your balance or stamina is limited because of an injury or condition like severe arthritis, COPD or MS, it can feel like an uphill battle.

A walker with wheels like the Hugo Portable Rollator makes it easier and safer to get the exercise you need on your own. Four large wheels give you confidence, stability and maneuverability. A built-in seat means having a place to rest whenever you need a break, no matter where you are.

Our completely revised ergonomic handles are redefining comfort in the rollator market. Their patented design features a unique bump that fits naturally into the palm of your hand. The soft co-molded rubber is not only eye catching, but it helps absorb vibrations. And they are angled for a natural bend in the wrist, leading to better brake access. You’ll feel the difference with every step!