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Quad canes by Hugo Mobility come with a large or small base to provide ultra-stabilizing support in a lightweight aluminum cane that stands by itself. Adjustable height and base for right-handed or left-handed users.

For people who need extra help with balance, the Hugo Quad cane offers ultra-stabilizing support in a lightweight cane. Built for longevity from ultra-durable aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, this self-standing cane is designed to properly support you with minimal tool-free adjustments.

The K-shaped rotating base swivels and locks into position to accommodate right-handed or left-handed users and is available in small or large for greater stability. 11 push-button height settings ensure a proper fit, which reduces stress on your wrist, shoulder and back. We added a more comfortable cushion grip handle, and anti-slip rubber tips that absorb shock and provide extra traction.