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***PLEASE NOTE*** Due to the current shortage of Children's Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen products, all orders will be limited to 2 ITEMS per customer. If you place an order for a larger quantity, it will be adjusted accordingly and you will receive 2. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we manage these shortages and make sure that everyone who requires the medication has an opportunity to receive it. 


When your child is sick, all you want to do is make them feel better. This often includes providing them with medicine to effectively relieve their fever or pain. You just want them to be able to get well and back to normal.

Try Children’s TYLENOL® Chewables. For over fifty years, parents and doctors have placed their trust in TYLENOL® for fast, effective relief of fever and pain due to toothaches, immunizations, colds or flu.

Children’s TYLENOL® Chewables dissolve in your child’s mouth to deliver the medicine that will help them get back to normal. Children’s TYLENOL® Chewables are available in two great tasting flavours – Grape and Bubble Gum – to ensure your child will take the correct dose to help them to feel better.

Children 2-11 years

For effective relief of:

  • Fever
  • Pain

Due to immunizations, colds, flu, headache, toothache, minor muscle aches, pains or sprains.


Format: Tablet